FAQs –
Frequently Asked Questions about our services, products, and materials

What size box do I need?
Choose a size of box that is at least 10mm larger than the product that is to go into it (please include packaging materials that are to go in along with the product)

Do I need to select corrugate or card?
Corrugate consists of 3 layers, 2 outer layers and a fluted layer in between them. It would typically be used for heavier or more fragile products. Card is thinner, with only one layer and offers a higher print quality. It would typically be used for lighter products.

How will the printed colour compare with what is on my proof:
Different monitors are calibrated differently, the colour that you see on your screen can vary slightly from the final printed product. If you have a specific colour that you require please let us know and we will match it as closely as possible using CMYK process colours.


Have something specific in mind? If you’re looking for a design that you don’t currently see on the website, please get in touch with us below.  We’d be happy to discus it with you.